Async Programming and Rest API Review


  1. What is the distinction between synchronous and asynchronous Dart programming?
  2. What are the keywords in Dart that are associated with asynchronous programming?
  3. What is the distinction between “Future” and “Stream”?
  4. What exactly is REST API?
  5. What exactly is JSON?
  6. What are the various HTTP verbs used in the REST API?
  7. What are the various packages used in Dart to make HTTP requests?


  1. Create a simple REST API to create, read, update and delete a persons record using shelf package.
  2. Create a CLI Quiz application using the Open Trivia Database API.
  3. Create a CLI Weather application using the Open Weather Map API to display the weather given a city name.
  4. If you are a Stars Wars fan, create a CLI application to display the details of the Star Wars characters using the Star Wars API.
  5. Write a tutorial on any one of the projects above and publish on or