Handling REST API in Dart

In this lesson, we’ll look at how to use REST API in Dart. To handle REST API in Dart, we will use the http package. We’ll also learn more about ‘Future,’ ‘async,’ and ‘await’ along the way.


1. Pokemon API

Write a program to fetch data from the Pokemon API and display the data of your favorite pokemon in the console.

2. Movie Searcher

Write a program uses OMDB movie API to provide following functionalities:

  • There will be a CLI program.
  • Search for movie information by title - View a list of upcoming films
  • Get a list of the best-rated movies.
  • Compile a list of popular films

Add more functionalities as you like

3. Publish all above project

Publish all the above projects to GitHub repositories. Make sure to add a README.md file to each project. Enhance and modify the project as you may like.

4. Tutorial

Write a tutorial on how to use Pokemon API to build a pokemon searcher explaining for beginners to use the http package and Future, async, and await in Dart.