Hello, we are your mentors, and we are here to give you the secret formula for learning Dart & Flutter and becoming a well-known Flutter developer. By the end of this action plan, you will not only have learned Flutter, but you will also be prepared to work as a Flutter developer.

However, you must ensure that you understand the instructions and take your practice seriously. We don’t have a single blue or red pill that we can give you like Mr. Neo (Matrix). If you want to be a great Flutter developer, we have hundreds of thousands of those pills for you to chew and swallow. We hope you will like our action plan. This is a project-based learning approach, and we will be providing you with all the resources you need to learn and practice Dart & Flutter.

This is not an easy task for us to complete; we have been planning for a long time and are finally able to make this happen. It’s a pleasure to meet our future programmers.

To ace this

  • You really want to become a Flutter developer (either it’s passion or it’s money, you know there’s money in Flutter)
  • You are willing to learn and practice (you will be provided with all the resources, but you need to practice)
  • You are disciplined (nothing can replace practice, you need to chew those pills we provide you)
  • You know the basics of Computer and Internet (you might not be a wizard, but that’s what we are here to make you a Flutter wizard)