Basic of Plugins


1. Note Taking App [Part 1]

Write a Flutter program that provides a multiline text field and a save button and cancel button . Whenever user press the save button, anything written in the text box should be saved to a file and if user press cancel text box should be empty in the device’s application’s documents folder.

Note: use getApplicationDocumentsDirectory(); from path_provider to get the application folder path. Use File class from dart:io to write to the file.

2. Note Taking App [Part 2]

Update the above program to add a new button that when clicked goes to next page, where the user can see all the notes saved in the application’s documents folder. Make design beautiful.

Note: use ListView and ListTile to show the list of notes.

3. Note Taking App [Part 3]

If you want to go even further, in the list page add action to each list item. When the list item is clicked, the user can see the note in a dialog box, which also has a delete button to delete the note.

4. Note Taking App [Part 4]

Please publish your app to GitHub with a README file that has the screenshots of the application, project description with features, and technologies used to build the application.

5. Path Provider

Write a tutorial on how to use path_provider plugin to access device’s directories and files. Publish your article on Medium or and share the link in social media.