Images are a common type of asset in mobile applications. We will learn how to include images in our application and use them in the user interface.


1. Your Business Card

Create a UI that displays your business card along with your photo. Your photo should be kept inside assets/images folder. You can use any image you like.

Note: Use Image.asset to load the image from assets. Check pubspec assets for more information.

2. Dice Roller

Refactor dice app from previous chapter to use the image of Dice instead of the number.

Note: It’s a good practice to keep all the asset names as a constant by creating a class. This will help you to avoid typos and make it easier to change the asset name in the future.

For example:

    class Assets {
      static const String dice1 = 'assets/images/dice1.png';
      static const String dice2 = 'assets/images/dice2.png';
      static const String dice3 = 'assets/images/dice3.png';
      static const String dice4 = 'assets/images/dice4.png';
      static const String dice5 = 'assets/images/dice5.png';
      static const String dice6 = 'assets/images/dice6.png';