Object Oriented Programming Review


Use the following questions to review object-oriented programming concepts in Dart. This is a critical concept to comprehend if To review the concepts covered in this lesson, answer the following questions. If you are having difficulty answering any of the questions, go back over the relevant lessons and resources and try again.

  1. What is a class in Dart, and how is it used?
  2. How do you define a method in a class, and how do you call it on an instance of the class?
  3. How do you define and use properties in a class, and how do they differ from methods?
  4. What is encapsulation, and how does it help to improve the design and organization of your code?
  5. What is inheritance, and how does it allow you to reuse and extend the functionality of existing classes?
  6. What is polymorphism, and how does it enable different classes to implement the same methods in different ways?
  7. What are interfaces, and how do they allow you to specify a common set of methods that must be implemented by classes that implement the interface?